Our Story

About Our Founder

Vanessa Porch.
  • My name is Vanessa, founder of Ananda Enterprises. I am passionate about healthy minds and healthy bodies.

    I have always had an awareness of the interconnectedness of all things. Mind, Body and Spirit as well as our connection to Mother Earth and all her amazing gifts.

    To understand the profound extent that this is true is to understand the symbiotic and energetic relationship we share with nature and each other.

    Mother nature gifts to us 350 million years of evolution through the leaves, flowers, and stems of plants. She is the true chemist and has provided everything we need to live a healthy and joyful life.



  • True Health and Wellness

    Our health system is currently monopolised by big pharma and political agendas. We have a right to utilise plants to enrich our health and reduce our reliance on highly addictive and in many cases extremely harmful prescription medications which only perpetuate imbalance in our bodies.

    In the same way that we have a right to reap the benefits of the plant life our planet sustains, we also have a responsibility to nature (ourselves) to replenish and respect the earth from which it comes.

    We need to cultivate a strong appreciation for the healing properties of plants and learn to approach this source with a giving attitude and an increase in awareness of the synchronicity of energy that flows through us and through our planet.

    With increased education and awareness, we will open ourselves and others to embrace the powerful gifts that nature provides. Treating our bodily systems, not just our symptoms.

    This is where true Health and Wellness begins.

    We are a world leading advocate for health, wellness and sustainability.

    Building a community of health conscious and socially conscious lovers of freedom and life.

    Join us!